February 20th- Join us for an evening presentation and discussion.
'The Castle' - Stories from the Past and a Vision for the Future Preservation League of Staten Island and the Coalition to Save the SI Castle- former SI Hospital- Frost Memorial Tower

An 'unofficial' Community Landmark.....The former SI Hospital in Tompkinsville/New Brighton has been vacant for over 30 years. There has been recent concern by local residents on the building's condition and future use. The Coalition to Save the SI Castle has formed to promote landmarking of the Frost Memorial Tower, which is 'the Castle' and to advocate for community involvement with any redevelopment plans for the site. Please join us to save and restore an 'unofficial' community landmark. The New Brighton and Tompkinville community deserves a REAL redevelopment plan for this site.

Share your stories- the Coalition to Save the SI Castle is creating a video and oral history of 'the Castle'. We are seeking stories of anyone who has worked or visited the former SI hospital. Share your visions for its future too. Visit

February 20, 2009, Friday evening 7:30 pm at The Court House of Historic Richmondtown
441 Clarke Avenue, Staten Island, New York
The 3rd Friday of each month, 7:30 p.m.
Refreshments served. Donation $3.00

EDITORIAL: by Angela D’Aiuto
This Neo-medieval style building has been a fixture in the community for over 100 years, built in 1890, the Frost Memorial Tower is the former headquarters of today’s S.I. University Hospital.
This property was a failed condo development in the early 1990s with millions of tax liens. It has been community eyesore for many years. It was the Staten Island Hospital until the late 1980s , when the hospital needed more space and upgraded facilities. 

The Coalition believes that most Staten Islanders consider this building a ‘community’ landmark, despite its dormancy for more than twenty years. Many Staten Islanders were born here or worked here.

Who is the Coalition to Save the S.I. Castle?The Coalition is made up concerned citizens, hoping to preserve the ‘castle’  and ensure community involvement in the redevelopment plans. The building has been nominated for NYC landmark status. ONLY the Frost Memorial Tower building, which was sealed by HPD and exhibits many original EXTERIOR features.

What would Castleton Avenue look like without a Castle? Many Staten Islanders consider the ’SI Castle’ a Community Landmark.  The  NYC landmark status will ensure that the building is fitted into the planned housing development. It could be a community center, school or any other community use. Without landmarking of this building, it could be demolished and the development of the site could be completely cleared. We would have less community input on the redevelopment of the site.
Reduce Waste in Landfills: We believe that Landmarking reduces waste and the other buildings should be studied for renovation, rather than demolition. Less debris in the landfills benefits all of us. Considering we had the largest garbage dump for 30 years on Staten Islanders, we should be concerned with green building practices. It benefits our community and future generations.

Possible Affordable Housing Site...The Coalition is investigating information which states the site is being considered by the Mayor as a potential affordable housing site. The property has millions in tax liens. We will keep you posted.